Cameron University Speech and Debate Team Homecoming Reunion- February 19 & 20, 2016

 We have some exciting news I want to share with you concerning a Speech and Debate Team Homecoming that we are beginning to plan which we hope will take place on the weekend of February 19 & 20 during Cameron's regular Homecoming.   Cameron University wants to bring back to campus all the past members of the Speech and Debate Team.  We want to also honor the two teams who won the 1979 and 1981 Pi Kappa Delta National Sweepstakes Championship. 

Very soon, a "SAVE THE DATE" letter or card will be mailed for this event.  We really need your help in getting correct addresses for everyone.  The addresses of the Alumni Office may need to be updated.   If you could please respond below with your interest in attending the Speech and Team Homecoming Reunion, with the relevant information--it will help us better reach you as information gets finalized.  We are super excited to have everyone back in February!

Some of the activities we are discussing include:

--Using Lawton's new Hilton Garden Hotel (not Motel 6 Haha) for our Speech and Debate Homecoming Headquarters.  

--A late Howdy reception at the hotel. on Friday night for those who come in on Friday

--Saturday noon general Alumni Luncheon on campus in the new MAC. 

--Free Homecoming BBQ cook off in the afternoon

--Speech and Debate Homecoming Banquet on Saturday night on campus. 

We are needing ideas for ideas for the Banquet on Saturday night. If some of you have skits, funny debates or humor that you think would be presentable let me know.

For more information, please email or call 580-581-2555 to speak with current Director of Forensics, Sarah Collins.


-Coach Tony Allison (580-284-6238


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