Billy Elles

  • How many years have you been coaching?

 I've been coaching for 2 1/2 years. 1/2 year at Douglass as head coach while serving as a TA, and I'm on my 2nd year as head coach  at Muldrow.

  • What are some state, national, or any tournament awards that you would like to Highlight?

 At Douglass, I coached a program from ground up in four months. During that time, I had 4 kids qualify to State, took 5/6 events to State finals, placed 4/5 in the top 3, and I had 2 state champions-monologue and standard oratory. At Muldrow, I coached my team to a (103-29 point) State Championship showcasing 21 students in 31 events in state finals of our 38 qualified for state. I had state champions in FEX, DEX, PRO, POE, HI, OO, SO, and what would've been DD had they not gone overtime by 25 seconds. So, in two years, I've had 9, technically 10, state champions and 36 events in finals (of those, 29 events placed in the top 4). I've coached 14 Regional champions also. I've had 8 kids qualify to Nationals: 2 District Champions in HI, 2 runner up in DI, 3rd in Duo, 2nd in USX, 3rd in IX, and many alternates in all events (excluding debate) (17 events in District finals in 2 years). I coached a National finalist in poetry last summer (3rd place), coached 5 kids to top 28, and 3 to semifinals at Glenbrooks in Chicago (a tournament with over 1850 kids from 221 schools from 39 states), coached the 3P Online Tournament champion in HI and runner-up in Prose, and have 5 kids currently ranked by the 3P national ranking system. In the last two years, my team has won 27 team titles (4A and Champs combined).\

  • Whats some of your favorite things about coaching?

 What I enjoy most about coaching is watching students find themselves. They discover strengths they never knew they had and explore who they are as people, performers, and leaders. My job allows me to assist students in their journey towards becoming wonderful and involved people who are capable of making positive impacts.

  • Do you have any favorite memories from camp?

 I've enjoyed the opportunities camp has given me to make awesome friends and to work alongside many whom I call some of my closest. 

  • What is your goal for students in your section of camp?

 My goal for my division is for students to leave with a strong foundation for character development, material selection, and how to successfully and honestly perform a piece. Students will leave with a skill set that allow for a disciplined performance that is both clean and competitive. I want students to find their voice in their pieces and, along the way, my hopes are for them to discover themselves as people and performers.